Crash Alive – Now an Award Winner

Crash Alive – Now an Award Winner

I’m happy to share that Crash Alive was selected as the winner of the “Operation:Thriller” writing competition, sponsored by and Reedsy.

This is great news for a few reasons:

#1: It’s not easy putting out your first novel out into the world and wondering how it stacks up. While I’m still fully aware that I’ll only get better with every word, line, and book I write in the future, this is a nice, encouraging push for me. Much needed, and much appreciated.

#2: The prizes! Not only is there some cash to get my writing enterprise back to the break-even point, there’s also a few additional prizes that I’m really excited about. First, access to the platform for a year, which I’m excited to explore. Second, credit for a professionally-designed book cover from a Reedsy designer, which is very-much needed. And Third, credit on Reedsy for a developmental edit, which I’ll use for a future book.

#3: Face it, it’s always fun to win.

Thanks to the great people at and Reedsy.

Crash Alive (and now the second book in the series, Crash Into Pieces) are available on Amazon in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.

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