Trendology is the new book examining the data behind the growing practice of real-time marketing.

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‘Real-time marketing is probably one of the most topical and contentious marketing strategies right now. That’s why Trendology is one of the most relevant marketing books for brand management and social media execs to read. Kerns provides numerous current case studies, but what is most valuable to me is the framework he provides for creating a robust real-time marketing program for brands.’
Antony Young, author of Brand Media Strategy and President of the Water Cooler Group

‘Real-time marketing isn’t about competing for the moment. It’s about winning in every moment. This book demonstrates how creativity, serendipity, and data will help you build a winning foundation, team, and strategy to thrive in a real-time world.’
Brian Solis, Digital Analyst, Anthropologist, and author of What’s the Future of Business? (WTF)

‘Social data has quickly become a critical component of the best marketers’ strategies. Chris does a fantastic job of breaking down the winners and losers to date and helps readers be more like the former!’
Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly 

‘Successful real-time marketing requires the classic, delicate balance of art and science to create stories audiences will actually want to embrace, rather than bury. Trendology illustrates how executives can develop a strategic but pragmatic approach to RTM, leveraging data, case studies, and practical frameworks not only for major events, but also for daily social marketing programs.’
David Beck, Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures and former Senior Vice President and General Manager of Social Media at Univision

‘Chris Kerns validates real-time marketing’s position as an absolute must-have for every business—taking it from a gee-whiz aspiration to a vital need with process and data to inform decision-making.’
Peter Fader, Co-Director, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, and Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Should an airline be talking about the royal baby? What’s a candy bar doing Tweeting about a soccer match? Since when does laundry detergent weigh in on TV shows? Those conversations seem crazy, right? They’re mismatched, they’re nonsense… and they are working.

In today’s ongoing battle for consumer attention, brands have been using a new strategy called real-time marketing to engage their audience on topics that are already top of mind. In Trendology, Chris Kerns uses a data-driven approach to analyze how brands are using social media to finally answer the burning question: How should brands best capitalize on trends?

Kerns dives into the data from more than 100 of the top brands on Twitter (including Disney, MTV, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, BMW, J.C. Penney, Nike, Sony, IKEA, and many more) to uncover patterns of real-time marketing performance across huge global events, smaller pop culture moments, breaking news stories, and daily hashtag trends. Along with these insights, readers will also learn:

– What works for brands doing real-time marketing, and what should be avoided?
– How to measure the performance of your real-time social strategy
– How a brand can leverage trends on an every-day basis
– Best practices to build a data-driven approach and team
– The future of brands and social trends, including interviews with digital thought leaders from Arby’s, the Boston Celtics, the Wharton School, the PGA Tour, and many more

Trendology brings insight to a topic that has, for too long, been fueled by opinion and luck. This book not only shows that real-time marketing is here to stay, but gives brands the tools and guidance to build out a smart, data-driven approach to the newest marketing trend.

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