She hacked her way in. Now there’s no way out.

Haylie Black, a 17-year-old hacker with a chip on her shoulder, has never met a system she couldn’t crack. When her brother vanishes trying to solve a legendary Internet puzzle, Haylie knows that she’s the only one who can track him down. But as she begins to unwind the mysteries behind each clue, she finds herself getting pulled deeper and deeper into a secret world she never could have imagined.

This award-winning thriller fuses action, tech, and a worldwide race against the clock to keep you turning pages and trying to stay one step ahead.

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“A thrill-ride from beginning to end, a book whose story is as riveting as the technology that Kerns uses to bring it to life. This is the must-read thriller of the year.” – Erik Qualman, Pulitzer Prize Nominee and Author of Spartan Island

“Buckle up, because this book will keep you on edge with every page you turn.” – The Book Lovin’ Alicia YA Blog

“I don’t think my heart slowed for one second–I need to read book two!” — Katy Blog – All Things Geek

Explore the Research Behind Crash Alive

Crash Alive was written as an adventure set in the reality, with hacks, technology, locations, and secret societies taken from the real world. Caution: there may be some spoilers in the links below.

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